Doctorate in Management Studies

Course Details

Why get a business and management doctorate certificate? When it comes to today’s global business world, having experience as your only knowledge base just won’t cut it. While an MBA or business administration degree can offer extensive training, they are becoming more and more common. Earning a Doctorate in Management Studies (DMS) can help you get ahead of the competition.

The Doctorate in management studies program offered by the Kaizen School Of Business Management provides learners with a professional program, a means of exploring their personal readiness to become leaders in management professions. Professionals gain a mastery of business administration literature and demonstrate their competence by applying this knowledge to current business environments. As the global information economy evolves, organizations are becoming increasingly complex, and innovative organizational models and practices have become crucial to successfully addressing this complexity. Consequently, leadership in this environment requires higher, more sophisticated levels of knowledge and skills. The Doctorate program is designed to serve this need by providing doctoral-level education to professional practitioners in business and management.

Course Objective:

This course aims to provide you with advanced critical, analytical and argumentative skills, to deliverpersonal fulfilment, professional development and career enhancement, and to encourage reflective practice.

Developing new approach methods and techniques for decision processes, which answer to the present and the future needs of the organizations.

Adapting existing methods and techniques of Management and Industrial Engineering to solve new problems in new organizational environments.

Making comparative studies of methods or techniques of Management and Industrial Engineering, which allow measuring their impact in the organizations.

Eligibility for Admission:
Post Graduate or Graduate with Min 5 yrs of Exp.

Course Structure
Part 1
  1. 1: Globle Business Environment (IB)
  2. 2:Business Low
  3. 3:Marketing Research
  4. 4:Organizational Planning & Personnel Management (OB)
  1. 5:Human Resource Management & Analytics
  2. 6:Strategy Execution
  3. 7:Operation Management
  4. 8:Management Principles
Part 2
Project Report

Concept Paper

Short summary of a mimimum of 2-3 pages and not exceeding 6 pages which provides a high-level idea of what the student would like to research.

the concept paper is aimed at capturing the thoughts and ideas of the student and reveals the intended research direction.



Students Testimonials

Dr. James Zulu

Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)

Co-ordinate in-charge of Men’s Clinic @Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ). He is the Author of Research Guidelines which is meant for both Postgraduate and Undergraduate students. He is a Member of the Kazian School of Management advisory Board since 2014 in India.

Atikami Sylvester

EMBA + DMS, Strategic Management

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that everyone @ Kazian is doing really a good job. I'm glad I decided to pursue my program through Kazian Education. It’s really felt great when your counselor keeps in touch with you in each and every phase of your path. Thanks!!

Anil P.


From the very depth of my heart I would like to thank Kazian Education for their complete guidance in supporting me to choose my career path. At first I was completely clueless but with the passage of time I became very confident and proud to be a part of Kazian Education.

Hebsiba P

DMS - Hospital Administration

I wanted to take the time to thank Kazian and team for everything they have done for me .Your support has been greatly appreciated. Thanks to Kazian and your entire team for all the support and contribution. All The Best .

K.Anson Peter

Sr.Account Manager

I am really very very glad to share with everyone about my excellent experience with Kazian Education whose guidance actually helped me to make my career path more clear and firm. Thanks to the entire team of Kazian whose care and support helped me to reach my goal. All the very best to Kazian and the team .

Sreejesh Sreedhar

MBA - Marketing Mngt.

Honestly speaking I was really very very confused with my career as well as my goals but then Kazian Education came into picture whose presence in my life actually did it for me by making my vision much more clear and making me what I am actually here today.

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