Specializations List

Specializations List

Sr. No. Specializations
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1 Administration & Education Management
2 Advertising Management
3 Agriculture Management
4 Air Transport Management
5 Architecture Management
6 Asset Management
7 Audit Management
8 Aviation Management
9 Banking Management
10 Biotechnology Management
11 BPO Management
12 Brand Management
13 Business Administration
14 Business Management
15 Call Center Management
16 Chartered Finance Management
17 Clinical Pharmacology
18 Clinical Research
19 Communication Management
20 Competency Mapping
21 Comtemporary Auditing
22 Construction Management
23 Construction Project Management
24 Consumer Behaviour
25 Co-operative Management
26 Corporate Finance Management
27 Corporate Law
28 Corporate Training
29 Cost & Management Accounting
30 Customer Care Management
31 Customer Relation Management
32 Cyber Law Management
33 Dairy Management
34 E- Business System
35 E-Commerce
36 Energy Mangement
37 Enterpreneur Management
38 Environmental Studies
39 Equity Research Management
40 Event Management
41 Export Management
42 Facility Management
43 Family Business Management
44 Fashion Management
45 Finance & Accounting Management
46 Finance Management
47 Financial Analysis
48 Financial Institution Management
49 Financial Service
50 Fire Fighting & Fire Safety Management
51 Foreign Exchange Market
52 Foreign Trade
53 General Management
54 Hardware Management
55 Health Care Management
56 Health Management
57 Holistic Management
58 Hospital Administration
59 Hospital Management
60 Hospitality Management
61 Hotel Management
62 Human Resource Management
63 Industrial Management
64 Industrial Marketing
65 Industrial Realations
66 Industrial Relations & Labor Law Management
67 Industrial Safety Management
68 Industrial Security Management
69 Information Technology
70 Intellectual Property Rights
71 Interior Management
72 International Business
73 International Business Management
74 International Finance Management
75 International Human Resource Management
76 International Management
77 International Marketing
78 International Trade
79 Investement Management
80 Library Management
81 Logistics Management
82 Maintenance Management
83 Management Information System
84 Market Risk Management
85 Marketing Management
86 Marketing Of Financial Services
87 Mass Communication
88 Materials Management
89 Media Management
90 Mutual Funds Management
91 Networking Management
92 Oil & Gas Management
93 Operation Research
94 Operations Management
95 Packaging Management
96 Pathalogical Lab Management
97 Performance Management
98 Personnel Management
99 Petroleum Management
100 Pharmaceutical Marketing Management
101 Pharmacology Management
102 Portfolio Management
103 Product Design & Development
104 Product Management
105 Production Management
106 Project Management
107 Public Administration
108 Public Relation Management
109 Purchaising Management
110 Purchasing Management
111 Real Estate Management
112 Retail Management
113 Retail Operation Management
114 Risk & Insurance Management
115 Rural Management
116 Safety Management
117 Sales & Distribution mamagement
118 Sales & Marketing Management
119 Sales Management
120 Sap Consultancy
121 School Management
122 Shipping Management
123 Six Sigma
124 Software Project Management
125 Store Management
126 Strategic Management
127 Strategic Procurement
128 Supply Chain Management
129 Takeover and acquisition Management
130 Taxation Management
131 Telecom Management
132 Textile Management
133 Total Quality Management
134 Transport Management
135 Travel and Tourism Management
136 Warehouse Management
137 Sports Management











Students Testimonials

Dr. James Zulu

Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ)

Co-ordinate in-charge of Men’s Clinic @Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ). He is the Author of Research Guidelines which is meant for both Postgraduate and Undergraduate students. He is a Member of the Kazian School of Management advisory Board since 2014 in India.

Atikami Sylvester

EMBA + DMS, Strategic Management

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that everyone @ Kazian is doing really a good job. I'm glad I decided to pursue my program through Kazian Education. It’s really felt great when your counselor keeps in touch with you in each and every phase of your path. Thanks!!

Anil P.


From the very depth of my heart I would like to thank Kazian Education for their complete guidance in supporting me to choose my career path. At first I was completely clueless but with the passage of time I became very confident and proud to be a part of Kazian Education.

Hebsiba P

DMS - Hospital Administration

I wanted to take the time to thank Kazian and team for everything they have done for me .Your support has been greatly appreciated. Thanks to Kazian and your entire team for all the support and contribution. All The Best .

K.Anson Peter

Sr.Account Manager

I am really very very glad to share with everyone about my excellent experience with Kazian Education whose guidance actually helped me to make my career path more clear and firm. Thanks to the entire team of Kazian whose care and support helped me to reach my goal. All the very best to Kazian and the team .

Sreejesh Sreedhar

MBA - Marketing Mngt.

Honestly speaking I was really very very confused with my career as well as my goals but then Kazian Education came into picture whose presence in my life actually did it for me by making my vision much more clear and making me what I am actually here today.

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